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Stainless Steel Developing Machine

For alkaline dry-film and solder mask


Three models are available following length and number of developing chambers:

  • Model 2/25: 2 developing chambers
    (mm 1135 + 430)
  • Model 2/25/S: 2 developing chambers
    (mm 1635 + 430)
  • Model 25/3: 3 developing chambers
    (mm 1635 + 1135 + 430)

The standard machine is supplied with

  • anti-foam dosing system
  • automatic regeneration system of the developing solution based on the continuous monitoring of alkalinity and conductivity levels in the chambers or, as an alternative, semiautomatic regeneration system of the developing solution based on the surface reading of the incoming boards
  • complete draining control and fully automatic filling system of the developing chambers (the solution titre and level are automatically obtained)
  • PLC and dedicated, in-house created software prearrangement for direct connection to ultrafiltration system
  • The solution preset temperatures are consistently controlled by means of heaters and cooling coils (the latter can even be connected to an external refrigerating unit, on request)
  • A maximum cycle time has been fixed and programmed in the PLC for every sequence and operation cycle in order to improve the process supervision and to prevent any major misfunction.

Technical data

  • Working width: 635mm
  • Working height: 1000mm
  • Adjustable conveyor speed: 0 - 3 mt/min
  • Max board size: 635mm x infinite
  • Min board size: 200mm x 250mm long
  • Min board thickness (whith guides): 0.1mm core
  • Max board thickness: 3.2mm
  • Capacity of 1st developing tank: 350L
  • Capacity of 2nd developing tank: 150L
  • Compressed air 4 bar: 2 NL/min
  • Water consumption: 300 - 400 Lt/h
  • Power supply - 380V. - 3 phase - 50hz: 34Kw
  • Net weight: 1300kg


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