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CIMS AOI Technology

 CIMS 2 2018

 Spark 2015

Spark 2.0

Spark 2.0 is the second generation of CIMS inspection engine that powers our latest generation of automated optical inspection systems which combines both hardware and software modules. Some of the key features of Spark technology include the following:

  • Advanced image processing algorithms enable customized detection that ensures optimal performance for all combinations of PCB designs and surface conditions;
  • Multizone is the Spark’s way to analyze and group different parts of a circuit in order to independently optimize inspection performance for each zone element;
  • Multistep provides an additional level of inspection flexibility with independent settings for each PCB step;
  • Advanced false calls filtering mechanism filters out false calls by analyzing CAD data prior to the actual scanning thus dramatically reducing setup time on AOI;
  • DST (dual space threshold) is a special image processing method to increase AOI sensitivity for fine shorts while keeping false calls rate to an absolute minimum.

Microlight 2015


Microlight is the illumination technology used with CIMS advanced AOI models such as Phoenix HDI, Turbo, Extra as well as with Nova AOI series. Microlight technology is characterized by the following features:

  • High performance multi-spectrum halogen light source ensures reliable image acquisition with of all types of materials and surface conditions;
  • High precision concave mirrors enable focusing light without the use of lenses and with minimal losses;
  • Accurate light paths adjustment ensures optimal illumination coverage of three dimensional shapes of the PCB surface;
  • Special composite filters designed to maximize contrast while scanning wide range of materials and surface treatments;
  • Flexible combination of diffusive and reflective light paths enable optimized performance for wide range of conditions;
  • Straight optic line enables image acquisition along the reflective light paths and the 90 degrees angle to the scanned surface;
  • Robust structure ensures reliable operation and easy maintenance.

>> AOI Markets

>> IC Substrates: 5 -15 micron nominal line/space

>> HDI PCB: 15 - 30 micron nominal line/space

>> MLB PCB: 30 - 100 micron nominal line/space

>> Flex, Rigid Flex, R2R: 5 - 15 micron nominal line/space

>> Flex, Rigid Flex, R2R: 15 - 30 micron nominal line/space

>> Special Applications

>> Add-ons

>> Data Management

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