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Overview Manual Systems

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ATG flying probe tester products are renowned for speed, accuracy, versatility and ease of use. The world leading position has been achieved by continueous development and pure dedication to enhancement requests from customers all over the world, feedback from the field service engineers and taking part in worldwide Design for Testability conferences in order to allow our customers to manufacture PCB's with the certainty that a reliable test can be performed using our equipment.

Overview of Manual Flying Probe Test Systems 

a5 neo small

• A5-Neo
  Developed for small batches Rigid & Flex boards


a7 picture small

• A7
  Ideal for mix of small & larger batches


a7l 5 2013 

• A7-16
  Large Format Flying Probe Test System


A8 Plus

• A8 plus
  High Speed - Fine Pitch Flying Probe Test System


A8 Plus

• A8 -16
High throughput Flying Probe Test System for production panel and complex server boards

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