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Contact Cleaning

Adhesive Rolls


SDI makes Adhesive Rolls for any model of contact cleaner.

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As the world’s largest independent manufacturer of contact cleaning machines and their associated consumables, SDI is ideally placed to advise on they sizes, types and formulations of Adhesive Rolls to give the maximum yield improvement for your dustcritical process.

State-of-the-art conversion facilities mean that SDI can supply odd-size rolls.

We also supply our Adhesive Rolls pre-sheeted — using an advanced technique that ensures 10% more sheets per roll than our competitors.


  • Silicon-based or Silicon Free formulations
  • Continuous or Pre-Sheeted Rolls
  • Range of Tack Levels and Core Sizes
  • Rigid Cores for stability at high speed and
    straightness across full width for perfect contact
  • Rolls for other brands of machines


  • AR-10.0 - 254mm (10.0")
  • AR-12.0 - 305mm (12")
  • AR-13.6 - 345mm (13.6")
  • AR-16.0 - 406mm (16")
  • AR-24.0 -  610mm (24.0")
  • AR-24.5 -  622mm (24.5")
  • AR-25.6 -  650mm (25.6")
  • AR-30.0 - 762mm (30")

All sizes and types can be supplied as Sheeted & Non-Sheeted.
SDI Europe offers a "In House Cutting Facility" to cut to any size width you require. (optional)


Continuous or Pre-Sheeted?

Traditionally, Adhesive Rolls were supplied in continuous form, requiring the machine operator to cut the used portion away with a sharp blade. Though these rolls are inexpensive, there is the likelihood that the operator will remove more than is necessary, and use of a blade near to the critical polymer rollers can prove to be expensive should the operator be careless.

SDI offer pre-sheeted rolls using an advanced converting method that gives 10% more sheets per roll than our competitors. Rather than each sheet being the same length (and thus progressively wasting more and more of the roll as its circumference diminishes through use), SDI sheets are each slightly shorter than the last, giving the maximum use from the roll.

Silicone or Silicone Free?

The majority of adhesive rolls are paper-based with a silicone release liner. These rolls are available in Standard Tack and High Tack, and must only be used with silicone based polymer rollers.

Silicone-free rolls are available for applications where all silicone products are banned from the work environment. These are plastic-based rolls with no release liner, and are available in Standard Tack only. These must be used with silicone-free polymer rolls.

Standard Tack or High Tack?

Paper based rolls (with silicone release liner) can have extra adhesive to give a higher contamination reservoir. High Tack rolls are recommended for the SMT and Narrow Web (flexo printing) industry.

All information subjected to change without notice!

For more information, visit the website or send us your information request.

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