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Ucam SmartPlot

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Secure data preperation

Ucam SmartPlot is a productive and secure datapreparation for Ucamco’s PhotoPlotters, such as: SilverWriter and Calibr8tor. SmartPlot imports complete jobs (Ucam, ODB++ and OI5) with all parameters or complete layers with embedded aperture definitions (DPF, MDA and RS-274-X). It merges layers into films, submits films to the plot queue and manages the process. SmartPlot comes standard with the plotter.

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Ucam SmartPlot additionally handles layers in older, incomplete formats (e.g. RSX-274). SmartPlot reads-in all major CAM formats with all plot parameters and can be integrated in any CAM environment easily. The queue spooler fully automates the data flow between CAM and the plotter to boost your productivity and without operator intervention, resulting in secure data transfer. The central window with customizable views allows the operator to manage plot parameters for all layers and control several plotters in real time. This is ease-of-use and efficiency.

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