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Because you want to achieve the best registration control!


Confidence & Security

  • XACT is the world's leading provider of integrated registration solutions to many of the world's highest technology PCB plants.


  • XACT was founded by PCB Industry veterans who are specialists in PCB registration control.
  • We only do PCB registration.
  • You can rely on XACT. We have significantly improved the performance of some of the world's most successful PCB fabricators.

Increased Productivity

  • XACT's solutions are quick to deploy, easy to use and simple to administer.
  • The system replaces time taken maintaining traditional manual systems and look up tables, allowing your engineers to focus on and capitalize on new business opportunities, cost reduction and getting product to market quicker.

Reduce Scrap

  • Scrap due to mis-registration is one of the major reasons for poor yield in the PCB manufacturing process.
  • By implementing XACT's unique and powerful predictive engine dramatic improvements in registration can be achieved, significantly improving profitability.

Integrate and speed up manufacturing and ensure accuracy

  • XACT's solutions allow you and your team to easily manage product data, share design and manufacturing rules.
  • Automate workflows and in real time securely communicate accurate manufacturing data across your organisation, thereby eliminating errors.

Increase Technical Capability

  • XACT recognises that technology, strategy and innovation are vital ingredients within a PCB company's plans.
  • XACT's solutions allow you to control, predict and analyse the causes of misregistration with the resultant ability to improve registration capability. 

Achieving Your Technology Roadmap

  • As an industry transitioning towards finer and finer line and feature requirements, new and unique capabilities are needed and expected. In order to compete, companies must constantly innovate to stay ahead of their competition.
  • Fabrication processes must improve and the associated new materials behaviour must be understood to achieve these increasingly demanding targets. Even though companies are expected to push the limits, they must do so without increasing costs.
  • XACT's solutions helps you overcome these challenges by providing the advanced predictive and analytical science needed to support your innovation, alongside workflow and process improvement tools that save you time and money.

Great ROI

  • Your return on investment when using XACT's solution can be achieved in a very short period of time, often in weeks.

All information subject to change without notice!

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About Adeon

At Adeon we believe that it is the quality of our work that placed us in our current position, and quality is what we try to improve with everything we do. European PCB manufacturers are often challenged to produce many different designs and technology levels every day. This makes it challenging to select and provide equipment that is capable of doing that. Our goal is to offer the best service and support against affordable rates to the highest standards to help our customers to stay at the forefront of technological developments.

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