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Input, Identify and output Component data

As image 01

   * View component types or specific components
   * Input component data including
   * Reference designator and Part Name
   * Pin numbers
   * Reference net names
   * Additional component attributes
   * Generate component BOMs, production docs and Pick&Place files
   * Trace connections and reference net designators
   * Trace components back to original schematic
   * Determine pin numbers and component orientation


Easy input of component information

Input is simple using the existing methods.  No need for additional steps. New “component” layers are auto-matically added after selecting job and layers. The layers can be viewed or used to reference components

Query component and package

New Query Component interface ensures uncomplicated selection of components. Selections can be based on Reference Designator, Part Name or Package Name. Alternatively simply click on a component and get detailed information on all the different component descriptions in one go.

As image 02 

As image 03Trace components back to original schematic

Compare net names of component pin numbers to schematics ensuring there are
no conflicts or connection issues.

Query Pin and reference net

Hassle-free identification of pin numbers, land size or annular ring.
In addition reference Net Names and Net Numbers are available for each component.

AS image 04Generate BOMs and production documents

Custom BOMs and other custom production documentation created easily
using Visual Hyperscript. 


All information subject to change without notice!