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Large Format Flying Probe Test System 

This new flying probe system is equipped with between 16 and 24 test heads, up to 12 cameras for optical alignment and the latest motion system design with direct linear drive technology for highest accuracy and test speed even on large Format. Universal shuttle system with clamp and stretch mode for testing flexible and rigid boards. Pneumatic clamping function controlled by foot switch.

The A7-16 is designed for large server and back panel applications for the telecommunication industry. This kind of test products have up to 72 layers with a product weight of up to 30 kg (66 lbs). 100.000 test points are very common on formats of up to 1.5 m (60 inches). In combination with higher density electrical test becomes challenging. Traditional test solutions such as four-head probe systems or multiple oversized test fixtures for grid systems cannot fully meet the requirements in terms of speed and cost.

The system is designed to fully support ease-of-operation and best operator/machine ratio. The horizontal test position provides the advantage that one operator is able to load and unload heavy printed circuit boards. An optional moveable support table, which can be attached to the front of the test system, is available for loading and unloading.


  • High speed high throughput test system for backpanel and server boards
  • 16 test heads
  • Test area 24" x 39,6" (610mm x 1000mm)
  • Tension option for flexible boards
  • Also available with 20 or 24 test heads for board sizes up to 27" x 59,2" (670mm x 1500mm)



  • a7l 5 2013Max. Panelsize: 640mm x 1050mm (25.2" x 41.4")
  • Min. Panelsize: 50mm x 50mm (2.0" x 2.0")
  • Test area: 610mm x 1000mm (24” x 39.4”)
  • Also available with 20 or 24 test heads for board sizes up to 27" x 59.2″ (670mm x 1500mm)
  • Tension option for flexible boards
  • Board thickness: up to 10mm (0.4")
  • 16 Test heads (8 top / 8 bottom)
  • 8 XGA Color Camera's (4 top / 4 bottom)
  • Smallest Pad size: 50µm (2.0 mil with Softouch Probes)
  • Smallest Pitch: 100µm (4.0 mil)
  • Resolution measurement system: ± 0.1µm (± 0.004mil)
  • Repeatable accuracy: ± 4µm (± 0.16mil)
  • Soft Touch Probes pressure: 5g to 10g


  • Continuity test 1Ω - 10kΩ
  • Isolation test:
    • Up to 25MΩ (FM)
    • Up to 10GΩ (Ohmic)
    • MicroShort Detection® 
  • Test voltage: 100mV to 1000V 


  • Data input format: IPC-D-356A
  • Network connection: Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • Power Supply: 230V, 50Hz (115V, 60Hz), 1500VA
  • Compressed air: 8 bar /115 psi filtered
  • Temperature: 18°C to 27°C /66°F to 81°F, ±3K
  • Relative humidity: 40% to 60%
  • Machine weight: 1200kg


  • 4-wire Kelvin measurement with max. 300mA test current:
    • 0Ω to 1kΩ - Tolerance ± 2%, min. ± 25µΩ
    • With Kelvin probes contact pressure 0.3g to 2.5g
    • Smallest pad: 80µm (3.2 mil)*
    • Smallest pitch: 120µm (4.8 mil)*
    • *with Kelvin probe fine adjustment
  • Embedded Component test:
    • R 0Ω - 1MΩ - Tolerance ± 1%, min. ± 0.5Ω | 1MΩ - 200MΩ - Tolerance ± 3%
    • C 0F 100µF - Tolerance ± 2%, min. ± 30fF
    • L 0H to 10mH - Tolerance ± 5%, min. ± 0.25µH
  • Diode/Varistor: UF,UR, UBR 0V to 12.5V 
  • LaTest® open detection:
    • With LaTest® probes - 1g to 10g
    • High current - 1.4a (1 Khz)
  • Retest of fault files from external grid test systems on inquiry
  • Repair software with barcode support 


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