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Data management

 CIMS 2 2018



CDB and CDBIC are data management systems integrated with CIMS
equipment. They are designed for quality and process control of the entire
PCBAdd on cdb inspection production cycle while also serving as real time defects
classification system.

CDBIC adds another layer of control by tracing individual defective units
across multiple layers and processes. It also integrates AVI data into the
data management process combining it with the inputs from AOI.

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VVS: Virtual Verfication System

VVS 150x150VVS consists of a server that pulls the images of defects from every CIMS AOI and then sends them to VVS stations for sorting and filtering. In VVS stations, those images are shown to operators who then quickly remove non-critical and non-functional calls while passing only images that are most likely to represent true defects directly to CIMS Verification & Repair stations (CVR).

As a result, subsequent visual verification of actual panels with CIMS CVR focuses mostly on marking and repairing of the real defects rather than skipping over non-critical and non-functional defects.

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>> AOI Markets

>> IC Substrates: 5 -15 micron nominal line/space

>> HDI PCB: 15 - 30 micron nominal line/space 

>> MLB PCB: 30 - 100 micron nominal line/space

>> Flex, Rigid Flex, R2R: 5 - 15 micron nominal line/space

>> Flex, Rigid Flex, R2R: 15 - 30 micron nominal line/space

>> Special Applications

>> Add-ons

>> Technology

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