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LM400 Picomat II


atg lm logo web 278x300Double and Quad Density Grid Test System

The fixture tester LM400 is the test solution for big quantities for automotive and industrial products. The system can be equipped with the optical alignment system SNIPER, to compensate product offsets.


  • Medium to high density
  • Accuracy
  • Economical Efficiency
  • Automatic Optical Alignment
  • Low Ohm Testing
  • High throughput universal fixture test System
  • Double (70 mil) or quad (50 mil) density
  • Test area up to 244mm x 325mm (9.6″ x 12.8″)
  • Optical alignment system SNIPER optional 



  • LM-400Maximum (X x Y): 244 x 325mm (9.6" x12.8')


  • Maximum board size: 284mm x 365mm (11.2” x 14.4”)
  • Minimum board size: 50mm x 50mm (1.97” x 1.97”)
  • Minimum board thickness:
    • Manual testing 0.1mm ( 0.0039”)
    • Automatic testing 0.6mm (0.023”) and warpage < 10mm
  • Maximum board thickness: 8mm (0.315”)


  • 70 mil (200 test points / inch²)
    • 24,576 one side
    • 49,152 both sides
  • 50 mil (400 test points / inch²)
    • 49,152 one side
    • 98,304 both sides 


  • Isolation test voltage (optional, depending on test method):
    • 35V to 250VDC
    • 15V to 250VDC 
  • Isolation threshold: 100kΩ to 100MΩ
  • Continuity threshold :10Ω to 10kΩ
  • Embedded resistor measurement: 1Ω to 10kΩ


  • Data input format: IPC-D-356A
  • Network connection: Ethernet, TCP/IP
  • Power Supply: AC 400 V [3 / N / PE AC 400 V] 50 / 60Hz
  • Compressed air: connecting preassure 6 bar 
  • Temperature: 20°C to 25°C
  • Relative humidity: 40% to 60%
  • Machine weight: about 1000kg


  • External generation of drill-files, test-files and object files for fault location is done in ADAM II
  • Required data formats for data preparation: Gerber Extended Gerber IPC-D-356A .dpf-data ODB++ Mask & drill data
  • Fault location and verification is done in CAR II or on an atg flying prober


  • Retractable guide rails
  • 4-wire measurement 10 mΩ to 100 Ω
  • Board thickness control
  • PCB offset detection module SNIPER including feedback frames


lm1000 lm800    Sniper  




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