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Roll-To-Roll Plasma

Boffotto LogoR2R Plasma Treatment System

Designed specifically for roll-to-wire circuit board and roll-type materials. The Use of advanced transmission technology; creating the perfect combination for plasma technoloy.  




  • Moving rectifying system ensures the accuracy of winding
  • 40KHz plasma excitation power supply with enhanced arc control and extremely wide matching impedance
  • Constant tension and speed control system
  • Magnetic sealing technology to ensure the whole plasma process conduct in vacuum
  • Patent chamber design ensures the stability of transmission system in vacuum
  • Suitable for 3” or 6” roller materials
  • Specifically for FPCB surface cleaning and blind hole desmear and cleaning functions


  • Material width10~500mm
  • Material Thickness ≥ 18um
  • Material Thickness ≥ 18um
  • Processing Seed 0.1-2.0 M/Min
  • Reaction Zone Length 4 M
  • Capacity of Material 3” or 6”
  • Greatest Diameter of Material 350mm
  • Accuracy ±1 mm
  • Power 40KHz@5KW
  • Etching Uniformity ≥80%
  • Vacuum Pump Dry Pump 1178CFM
  • Working Area 3.5 * 4.5M
  • Loading Height 1.2M
  • Gas Channels 4 Channels 4 Gases
  • Dry Air 80~100PSIG
  • Electricity Requirement 208VAC/100A/3PH/50/60HZ
  • Tension Control Range 0N~100N (Can be configured)
  • Weight of Machine 4700KG


  • H2 Processing Integrated Safety Control & dedicated Mass Flow Controllers


P15V-M P15V-E9    P15-e9s  P06H





All information subject to change without notice!

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