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Planarizer Evo-3000pola-e-massa

This small sturdy model was designed and built specifically for the removal of via hole pastes used in the hole plugging process. It thoroughly removes excess hole filler from PCB's. The machine is an evolution of Pola e Massa patented Multiroll machine for deburring and cleaning without ovalization of holes and has been successfully sold in the market for more than 10 years. Our consolidate experience has allowed us to build the PEM Planarizer with all the necessary technical improvements to achieve a perfectly flat surface for the "after hole plugging" treatment.

Wet processing brushing machine for:

  • Via hole paste evolution 3000removal
  • metal surface treatment
  • deburring of sharp corners, hole edges and irregular perimeters

Main features

  • Vertical axis rotating and oscillating brush
  • No hole ovalization
  • Control by PLC complete with touch screen
  • Adjustable brush pressure
  • Automatic zero set-point procedure
  • Variable brush speed
  • Adjustable belt conveyor speed
  • Different brush grit combinations are possible to control copper surface roughness

This new machine is the last evolution of our successful Pem Planarizer, still leading in the most important markets worldwide with more than 100 installations by the main PCBs manufacturers.
Our consolidated experience allowed us to develop a more flexible machine able to match all the complexities coming from the new build-up technologies in the multilayer manufacturing. This single brush module allows the perfect control of every movement of the tool in 3 different axis.
This machine can be useful for small productions and used to increase the capabilities of the existing Pem Planarizer Lines and can be integrated with washing and drying modules.

Option A; Selective Processing Mode

This innovative concept for a brushing machine has been developed to allow then machine to work on a selected area with orthogonal reference concerning where to move the brush and operate.
This Cartesian reference must be used to introduce the Panel on the left side on the entry conveyor belt, then, by dedicated information setup, the panel will be conveyorized through the machine till it reach the working position (X axis), the leading edge of the panel is read by the entry thickness detector.
Than the brush move to the panel and start to oscillate (Y axis) for a determined length by specific preset information.The brush height (Z axis) is determined by the measure of the panel entering on the belt conveyor (if in Automatic mode) or by thickness setup information (Manual mode).
By setting of the abrasion (Amperage) the brush will vertically adjust itself in order to hold the same abrasion on all the surface to be treated (only if in Automatic mode), but with the limit where cannot move lower than a kind of Lower Limit preset-able.evolution 3000 1

Option B; Selective Skipping Mode

This new concept has been developed in order to match the ultimate state of the art on PCB manufactures.
This machine is able to treat Rigid – Flex boards even if the vertical spindle axis (Z) is controlled to keep same level of abrasion on copper surfaces.
While the brush pass on the flexible areas, it skips the contact with the panel and move on the next area where it needs to be treated; this because it happens sometimes that there are no sensible differences between the copper surface and the level of the flex areas.
The same in this case the machine must be advised on where to skip and where not so that there are some data to setup about it.

Further options for the PeM- Evo-3000

  • 10, 30 or up to 100bar Air-Jet Blowers in Drying Modules
  • Additional Drying/Washing Modules possible
  • Board position alternators on Entry Conveyor
  • Board Centering Alternators on Exit Conveyors
  • Choice of Length of Entry & Exit Conveyors
  • Anti Warpage System (AWP) for materials as thin as 65 micron (Standard 300 micron)
  • 3 different filtration possibilities
  • Copper Centrifuge
  • Cannister System
  • Paper filtration
  • Automatic Brush-Wearing Compensation
  • Automatic Brush Dressing and Foot-Print Cycles
  • Ultrasonic Washing

 All information subject to change without notice!

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