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Exception PCB purchases Ledia Direct Imager

logoException PCB, one of the largest dedicated time and technology PCB manufacturers in the UK, has purchased a Ledia Direct Imager from Ucamco. To great satisfaction of all parties involved.

 More specifically, the direct imager is a Ledia 6 3-head 3-wavelength type. As the name suggests, the Ledia’s unique UV-LEDs light source combines three different wavelengths simultaneously. The wavelength ranges from 350nm to 440nm to diffuse the energy optimally throughout the resist or solder mask. The user can tune each wavelength’s power individually for optimal results on or each material. The result is high throughput and unrivalled quality – 50µm solder mask dams without undercut.

“The investment was part of our strategy to strengthen our advanced technical capabilities and to respond to the demands of our customers with faster quick turnaround (QTA) services”, Kamal Berberi explains. Exception PCB’s Operations Director lists his criteria in the search for a new direct imager: “Ledia 6 responds perfectly to our technical roadmap. It offers great capability on small fine lines and gaps, is highly accurate at solder mask registrations, and all this comes at a competitive price.” When asked about Exception’s early experiences with their Ledia, Berberi smiles broadly. “The transition from film to filmless solder mask was very smooth with Ledia. After two months, we have not encountered any issues whatsoever with our Ledia 6. We are now able to offer a quicker service to our customers, with absolutely perfect solder mask registration.”

The Ledia was purchased through ADEON Technologies from The Netherlands who are the Ucamco agents. André Bodegom comments: “We have a relationship with Exception PCB since 1993 as their supplier and service partner for various types of equipment. The relationship is based on providing the service that fits with Exception PCB’s requirements and we are truly proud to have been recognized as their Direct Imaging Supplier also, showing further growth even after all these years of working together. We have experienced from the technical staff at Exception PCB that they are very happy with the way the machine was installed, the training, the results and the services provided by Ucamco. The entire project fulfils us with pride.”

The same feeling is present at Ucamco, where Imaging Product Group Director Michel Van den heuvel is responsible for the hardware department. “The investment Exception PCB has done, is a great example of a company looking to optimize its services in an endeavor of continuing to boost performance”, he comments. “After the installation of the Ledia 6, we remain standby to provide technical and maintenance services. If the need should arise, we can be quickly on-site, thanks to our local network of highly skilled engineers and our local spare parts stock. Our Ledia’s uptime is unbeatable. We are confident Exception PCB will enjoy the benefits of their Ledia for a very long time.”

About Adeon

At Adeon we believe that it is the quality of our work that placed us in our current position, and quality is what we try to improve with everything we do. European PCB manufacturers are often challenged to produce many different designs and technology levels every day. This makes it challenging to select and provide equipment that is capable of doing that. Our goal is to offer the best service and support against affordable rates to the highest standards to help our customers to stay at the forefront of technological developments.

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