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Solder Resist Equipment

Curtain Coater LG250-63




PCB X-Ray Inspection

Coating of pcbs with photo imageable solder mask by pouring method


This method can usually be applied with all photo inks available on the market.
Pcbs pass the ink curtain at a typical speed of 90 m/min.
The ink is automatically pumped into the coating head from the supply container.

A microprocessor-aided viscosity control in the ink container ensures a precise viscosity of the ink, by automatically adding solvents and permanent temperature control.

The coating head produces a vertically falling ink curtain. The pcbs are coated in the desired layer thickness in an extremely homogeneous way.

The coating unit consists of

  • Coating head
  • Ink supply tank
  • Solvent tank
  • Pump
  • Viscosity controller
  • Ink mixer

Normally the coating unit is rigidly mounted – type LG.
Alternatively the coating unit can be hold in rails – type LGW. It can be completely moved out. If a second ink station is available, the moved-out ink station can be replaced against a new one, freshly filled up. The ink can be kept operational at a separate location.


  • Retooling, maintenance and cleaning work can quickly and easily be done
  • Trouble-free ink change within a few minutes
  • Transport belt V-Shaped or flat


  • Frame: tubular section, welded, made of stainless steel V2A
  • Panelling: stainless steel plate V2A
  • Transport belt: Multilayer fabric, coated with Urethan
  • Suitable lacquer: all prevailing lacquer systems
  • Viscosity: 40 – 110 sec. (DIN F4 measuring cup)
  • Layer thickness: dry 20 – 60µm
  • Working width: 625 mm
  • Transport speed: 0.2 – 5 m/min.
  • Connection load: 4 kW
  • Covering: Hood, transparent above coating unit
  • Exterior dimensions: 2,500 mm (l) x 1,000 mm (w) x 1,300 mm (h)
  • Working height: 900 ± 50 mm
  • Weight: 570 kg


  • LGW: With movable coating unit
  • LG2: With two coating units, rigidly mounted in tandem
  • LGW 220E-SBU: Curtain coater for not-air conditioned rooms

All information subjected to change without notice!

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