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XACT PCB is an established provider of unique software solutions for dramatically improving inner layer registration capability: giving a significant improvement in yields for complex multilayer PCBs.Take FULL CONTROL over your Multilayer Registration Process. 


Xact systems have been conceived and developed by PCB engineers for use by PCB engineers enabling the control and management of the entire PCB registration process.


  • Reactive Control Solutions to capture the problem
  • Predictive Control Solutions to reduce them
  • Analysis Control Tools to see the improvements


  • Self learning intelligent system
  • Configurable and customisable
  • Powerful, robust and easy to use
  • Proven integrated registration solution
  • Higher yields
  • Faster time to market
  • Predictable on time delivery
  • Improved product reliability


Xact's support team prides itself on being the most responsive and professional in the industry. Passionately dedicated to customer's success, their team strives to help customers effectively, deploy, use, develop and support their XACT products and solutions. Their customer support operations is comprised of highly skilled and experienced printed circuit board engineers who have many years manufacturing and extensive experience of our installed systems.


The industry's smart registration solution!

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All information subject to change without notice!