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Brush scrubbling machine for use with pumice or
aluminium oxide


This machine is ideally suited to prepare the copper surface for the lamination of dry-films or of other printing operations.
The copper surface is perfectly cleaned and thus prepared for good subsequent adhesion of all coatings.
The same machine can be advantageously employed in many other processes of the printed circuits' fabrication.

Entry Conveyor system

Stainless steel wheel rollers (914 mm long) with one manifold to wash the inlet of the pumice sectionpempumice

Brushing section

Three pairs of brushes 85 mm diameter with slurry spraying tubes (610 or 640 mm width).
One hand wheel only for brush simultaneous adjustment and gauge for brush level display.
The bearings of the brush shafts are located outside of the pumice chamber and two additional side chambers, periodically washed out, prevent any pumice spread out.
Open clearances with spray shields. "Labyrinths" have been designed to reduce abrasive losses to a minimum.
Automatic rinsing system for washing all abrasive accumulations .
The slurry tank, which is external to the machine, has a capacity of 150 l and is mounted on wheels for facilitating maintenance.
The tank includes:

  • one pump for slurry recirculation in the scrubbing section
  • one agitator for maintaining the abrasive in suspension
  • one pump is providing for the pre-washing at the exit of the pumice section and for cleaning the inlet of the pumice section
  • one decanter for recovering pumice, copper dust, brush residues and reduce the contamination of the drained water

Rinse section

First rinsing chamber. Two pairs of spray pipes. Squeegee rollers and suitable inclination of the water ensure efficient "wash-away" of abrasive residues.
Second rinsing chamber. Two pairs of spray pipes. Squeegee rollers and suitable inclination of the water ensure efficient "wash-away" of abrasive residues.
Third rinsing chamber. One pair of spray pipes. Squeegee rollers and suitable inclination of the water ensure efficient "wash-away" of abrasive residues. External modules for water recirculation, filtration and recovery of abrasives. The whole system is placed aside the machine: encumbering connecting cables and pipes are therefore not requested.
All modules are mounted on a frame with wheels. Electrical, mechanical and hydraulic connections between the different modules are included so that the unit only needs connection to utilities and to the scrubber.
Any combination of modules may be used.

Drying section

This module contains a couple of air jet blowers for air delivery. The air jet blower has a separate turbine. The 5 Hp turbine is placed inside a wheeled sound-proof box. The aspiration inlet includes a cartridge round filter.
The special blowers are featured by high efficiency in the hole drying.
The large turbine produces high temperature of 45°C appr.All electrical controls and push buttons are located inside the electrical console of the scrubber itself: a strip with numbered terminals allows for easy connection between this unit and the scrubber.


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