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PWS Shuttle

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Precise Lay-up, Alignment and Welding of Multilayers

PWS Shuttle

The Pin Welding System is designed to align and bond layers together prior to lamination. The aligned package may be inner layers, laminated sub-assemblies or a combination of both. Controlled heating and pressure are used to activate the prepreg at four locations, which we cooled, form a cross-linked bond site that adheres the various layers together. Three different processes take place in one unit; lay-up,layer to layer alignment and welding. This process eliminates the added tolerances associated with pin lamination or rivet deformation.

The system may be used to weld a miltilayer, as in conventional laminanation or to align and weld two or more multilayer subassemblies. The SmartWeld Technology allows the user to have complete and independent control of the heating and cooling times as well as bonding pressure.  


  • Alignment and layer clamping are made in the same location, there is no chance for critical parts wearing and therefore greater accuracy is assured
  • No need to pre-stack; this eliminates extra handling and possible damage to the cores
  • After set-up, cameras are locked in position, resulting in greater accuracy
  • Using the “Unique Target Layers” software allows the machine to mistake proof the build. If the operator places the cores out of sequence the machine will reject misplaced core
  • Fixed focus lenses with over 8mm range of focus, lenses do not move for focus
  • All slides and moving parts are designed to work in dusty prepreg environment
  • No templates required, can process all panel sizes without needing to change any expensive parts, no tools needed
  • Vision system checks position before and after clamping each core
  • Operator loads core and prepreg at the same time on pre-load station
  • Layers can be loaded with certain types of slip sheets if customer requires
  • Programmable weld profiles, including ramp up, hold time and cool down. Similar to a press profile


  • Panel sizes from 255 x 305 mm to 610 x 710mm (10" x 12" to 24" x 28")
  • A program controls the weld time, hold time and cooling time
  • Alignment pins at the centerline locations (specified by customer)
  • No templates needed
  • Dual weld stations for increased throughput
  • Designed for ergonomic throughput in a high volume PCB shop

PWS 100

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