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Brushing & Deburring

Unibloc and modular

To match our customer's most demanding requirements and considering both application and cost/benefit ratio, Pola e Massa has designed a family of machines called "UNIBLOC" (monocoque) & "MODULAR" models.

Main applications

  • Brushing
  • Deburring
  • Mechanical Cleaning prior to Photolithographic process
  • For Inner- & Outer Layers, Ceramic Substrates, Press Plates etc.



General discription

  • Unibloc models are 25” (640mm) width and are fitted with 2 or 4 brushes
  • On request, 30” (780mm) or 50” (1270mm) working width models can be supplied
  • Modular machines can be equipped with more couples of brushes (2.4 6)
  • Manual Unibloc and Modular models have MANUAL brush and back-up rollers adjustment.
  • Automatic Unibloc and Modular models are fitted with a dedicated PLC software controlling the COMPLETE functioning of the machine
  • The most improved models can handle thin material, down to 0,1mm
  • Construction
    • Made of Stainless Steel constructions
    • Built-In Control Cabinets & Plc Controls
    • Pola & Massa's in house developed Software
    • Extremely Robust motors to drive Brush Rotation and Oscillation
    • Automatic Self-Greasing capability for the motors
    • Counter-rollers ceramic covered for min thickness 0,3 mm



  • 10, 30 or up to 100bar Air-Jet Blowers in Drying Modules
  • Additional Drying/Washing Modules possible
  • Board position alternators on Entry Conveyor
  • Board Centering Alternators on Exit Conveyors
  • Choice of Length of Entry & Exit Conveyors
  • Anti Warpage System (AWP) for materials as thin as 65 micron (Standard 300 micron)
  • 3 different filtration possibilities
    • Copper Centrifuge
    • Cannister System
    • Paper filtration
  • Automatic Brush-Wearing Compensation
  • Automatic Brush Dressing and Foot-Print Cycles
  • Ultrasonic Washing




For more information, visit the website or send us your information request.

About Adeon

At Adeon we believe that it is the quality of our work that placed us in our current position, and quality is what we try to improve with everything we do. European PCB manufacturers are often challenged to produce many different designs and technology levels every day. This makes it challenging to select and provide equipment that is capable of doing that. Our goal is to offer the best service and support against affordable rates to the highest standards to help our customers to stay at the forefront of technological developments.

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