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This horizontal machine is designed for selective filling of through holes in printed circuit boards with conductive or non-conductive paste


The paste is stored in a changeable cartridge. A piston (air pressure controlled) is pressing the paste into the holes of the pcb. This is a “several steps” process and there is no risk of getting air bubbles inside the holes. Paste pressure and head pressure are adjustable. The movement of the Y-axis is controlled by a servo motor, the X-axis must be positioned manually by hand. The pcb is placed horizontally on the registration pins. After pressing the start button, the fill process starts, after pressing the start button again, the process stops. The paste is stored in reusable cartridges. We can supply different head sizes for different panel sizes.



  • For through holes
  • Can be used with conductive and non-conductive pastes
  • Paste stored in refillable cartridges
  • No direct contact between paste and pressurized air
  • Y axis (process axis) can be controlled by a servo motor; X axis is positioned manually
  • Holes with a large AR of 1:40 can be filled safely at high paste pressure
  • Selective filling of holes
  • Optional heated fill head available for conductive pastes
  • circuit-board format of up to 610 x 762mm (24x30”)


  • “Partial” Via Hole Filling of through holes
  • Less waste from the very valuable Silver Paste
  • Using high paste pressure to push the paste through high AR 1:40 boards
  • No direct contact between the compressed air and the paste

 VHF 200 mc fh


Filling Head Cleaning System


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