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Productronica Review

Upon closing hour of the Productronica 2017 we were a litle bit dazzled ourselves. This show has been the most successful measured by the  immediate success and amount of purchase orders we have been receiving. Therefore we first of all would like to thank all our customers for giving their votes of confidence to us. We fully understand that investing in capital equipment is driven by technological developments but we also like to believe it is still driven by people who make the difference. We are truly proud of the comments and compliments that we have been receiving by so many.

It is only a further motivation to keep our focus on improvement and further development for us.

The show started for us on a somewhat nervous note as we have been seriously let down by our transport company who delivered the machines to Hannover instead of Munich even though we ordered a direct transport from Breda to Munich. This news platform is not appropriate to explain the total failure and collapse of communication of such a worldwide transporting company. Instead, we want to give a BIG THANK YOU to the local staff of the Munich Exhibition Centre and the Exhibition Security Services. When the machines finally arrived long after opening of the show, many of the local staff went the extra mile or two. A special thank you to the "Hallenmeister in Hall B3" who showed that also at a big event like this it is still people that can make the difference.

With Mrs. Merkels famous phrase"Wir schaffen das" in mind, have we been able to bring the two important machines inside on our booth. Guided by official security guards and rolling over our bright yellow Adeon machine blankets we have been able to show what we wanted although being late and costly.

TVS logoWe also owe a big thank you to our Standbuilding company "TVS-Design BV". No mountain too high, no river too wide and no ocean too deep for Teus and his team to build a stand far away from home that feels like home! We can warmly recommend them to everyone. You can contact TVS through Unfortunately for all of you TVS will be busy again in the week before Productronica 2019 to build our next stand! 




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About Adeon

At Adeon we believe that it is the quality of our work that placed us in our current position, and quality is what we try to improve with everything we do. European PCB manufacturers are often challenged to produce many different designs and technology levels every day. This makes it challenging to select and provide equipment that is capable of doing that. Our goal is to offer the best service and support against affordable rates to the highest standards to help our customers to stay at the forefront of technological developments.

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