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Jet Cleaner

Model 65 - Final Cleaning


Compact size, easy to use and economical.

The Jet Cleaner Mod. 65 is dedicated to the treatment of the
PC Boards after the contouring and cutting operations. The final cleaning, before packing, can also be performed satisfactorily. The Jet Cleaner can thoroughly wash and perfectly dry small and medium size PC Boards. The Jet Cleaner Mod. 65 is of stainless steel and can perform the following operations:

  • Very effective prewashing: separation of glass fiber particles and water recoveryjet-cleaner
  • High pressure washing, 10 or 30 bar
  • Final rinsing, including water control by a flowmetering device
  • Drying by means of a push-pull air blowing system, including two turbines
  • Dehumidification of the PC Boards by warm air (adjustable temperature)


The spraying tubes take away most of the residual burrs and contamination generated in the previous steps. The water released from this section is filtered by a pump/cyclone system and most of it is again circulated; the remaining water, containing the glass fiber, is sent to a filtering bag lodged in a wheeled cart.
The high pressure washing section (10 or 30 bar) includes two spraying tubes. The high pressure is provided by a centrifuge pump (10 bar), or (as an option) by a piston pump (30 bar).The final rinsing section includes four spraying tubes: a pump provides for feeding the water with consistent flow and pressure.
The cascade water system, including four pumps, allows for a dramatic cut-down of the water demand. The flowmeter allows to control and to minimize the water supply from an outside clean source (like the city water system): the consumption does not exceed 400 liter/hour.

Technical data

  • Working width: 635mm
  • Working height: 900mm
  • Adjustable conveyor speed: 0-3 m/min
  • Min/max board sizes: 100x180 / 635 x inf.
  • Min/max board thickness: 0.4 / 4mm
  • Water consumption: 0.6 mc/h
  • Net weight: 800kg


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