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Laser Drilling Systems


 Geode_CEO2_Via_DrillingLaser via drilling system for flex PCB processing 

MKS-ESI’s Geode™ is a laser-based micro-via drilling system for high-density interconnects (HDI) on rigid printed circuit boards (PCB). The Geode™ combines a CO2 laser and advanced beam control capabilities to deliver greatest throughput and accuracy from a system that is significantly smaller and lighter than current competitive offerings. The system’s sophisticated beam steering and pulse shaping technologies provide the flexibility and control that will be required for 5G applications using high-frequency compatible materials and finer-pitched interconnects fabricated with modified semi-additive processes (mSAP).

The Geode™ system uses a powerful 9.4µm pulsed CO2 laser, emitting infrared radiation ideally-suited for rigid PCB materials. Its HyperSonix™ technology shapes laser pulses to improve throughput and via quality. AcceleDrill™ distributes pulse energy to improve throughput and via metrics and also permits multiple via sizes in a single pass. VDC (via density compensation) controls local heating to minimize heat-affected zones and improve accuracy, throughput and diameter stability. The Geode™ system is the first CO2 laser via drilling system to incorporate such high level beam control and beam steering technologies.


Via Diameter Range: 35-200um Panel Size Range: 16”x20” to 22”x24”
Panel processing: Dual-head two panel system Panel Thickness Range: 40um - 2000um
Throughput: Up to 9500 pps  
Peak Power: 2.5kW  
Laser Pulse Frequency: Up to 6.5kHz  
Average Power: >This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  
Processing: CDD/Large Window/Conformal Mask/LTH  
Scan Area: 20x20mm (Third DynamicsTM beam positioning technology)  
Scan Frequency (per head): 5200 points per second (500um pitch)  
Total System Accuracy: +/- 8um mean +4Σ  
Energy Monitoring: Real time pulse energy monitoring (programmable alarm settings)  
Panel Height Detection: Touchdown sensor (calibrated to align with camera focus)  
Automation Panel Autoloader: std, NG panel, Flipping  
Automation Accuracy (panel to chuck): 500um/LTH  


Automotive PCB Manufacuring FR4
Aerospace Integrated Circuit Packaging BT
Medical Substrate Processing ABF
  System Level Packaging PTFE


  • HyperSonix™ Sound waves shape laser pulses to improve via quality and increase throughput
  • VDC™ Via density compensation improves via diameter stability, accuracy and throughput
  • LiteDesign™ Compact and lightweight system architecture allows for more flexibility in system placement and use on production floor
  • AcceleDrill™ Uses sound waves to distribute light to drill different vias without optics path adjustments (no downtime)
  • AeroCore™ Integrated structural air flow supports improved thermal equilibrium and simplified maintenance
  • UpTime™ Easy-access design improves serviceability, decreasing maintenance and service downtime

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