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Vertical Vacuum Filling


The world's favorite choice for Double Sided Vacuum Filling of (via) Holes:

This machine is designed to fill holes in printed circuit boards with conductive or non conductive pastes. The hole filling can be applied in Via Holes and in Blind Holes. The filling from blind holes is possible in a Single Step Double Sided Mode. The machine is equipped with a glass cover for visual quality control on both panel sides.

The filling process:

Once the printed circuit board in vertical position has been hanged upon pins, the door is closed and the vacuum process started. The vacuum has built up after about 30 seconds. The filling process begins with the paste by piston being pressed out of a cartridge into the bores whilst the squeegee being moved over the printed circuit board. Both the kiss pressure of the filling heads to the printed circuit board and filling pressure are adjustable. The vertical motion is realized by an adjustable servomotor.
If there are still some hole voids, the operator can replug the same printed circuit board. That's the great advantage when "plugging under vacuum".
The paste is kept in refillable cartridges. Subject to the printed circuit format, different squeegee sizes are available.

VCP 5000 plus








Automatic Scavenger System: ES (External Squeegee)

  • This machine is designed for doctoring excess plugging paste from the surface of the printed circuit board. For doing so, the plugged panel is placed into the Automatic Scavenger System by hanging it on tooling pins and then the automatic process of squeegee blades wiping off the excess paste material on both sides of the panel is conducted.
  • Depending on the chosen Squeegee Blade pressure the excess Paste will be typically reduced by 20 to 6 micron (0.8 to 2.0 mil)





Micro section

Technical data:

  • Dimensions (W*D*H): 2475mm * 630mm * 2072mm (97.45" * 24.8" * 81.6")
  • Weight: approx. 950kg / 2100lbs
  • Panel thickness standard: 0,5 - 7,5mm (0,02" - 0,30")
  • Panel thickness optional: 0,2 - 0,8mm (0,007" - 0,03") with additional special set (2)of Filling Heads
  • Panel lengths from - to: 400 - 762mm (15.7" - 30")
  • Panel Widths from - to: 200 - 620mm (7.8" - 24.4")
  • Compressed air: 90 PSI / 6 bar
  • Electricity: 400V, 3P, N, PE, 50Hz 5kW (480V, 3P,PE, 60Hz 5kW)

PRS 3000Option - Paste Recycling Unit - PRS-3000

  • Paste recycling system for filtering contaminated paste
  • Paste cleaned using a stainless-steel filter
  • Also removes air bubbles from the paste
  • For filling standard cartridges and LCS paste containers
  • Built-in vacuum generator


  • The excess paste from the VCP's filling and scavenging chambers are caught by special drip tray
  • From drip tray the excess paste will be poored into the vacuum pot
  • From vacuum pot the paste will be pushed through filter under pressure
  • Depending on type of paste there are different filters available
  • The filtered paste will be squeeged into the Cartridge that is mounted underneath the vacuum pot
  • The amount of cycles is limited depending on cleanliness/opacity after filtering









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