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Hole Filling and Accessories

mass logoThis page and new links are undergoing updates due to new technological developments.

Adeon Technologies is a full distributor for all Mass Hole Filling products in Europe. We have invested in a first class supply chain for spare parts and extremely dedicated engineers who are based in the United Kingdom and The Netherlands. As part of our every day strategy, we have developed preventative maintenance programmes together with Mass for all types of machines and we measure our own performance on a regular base in order to implement improvements if and when necessary.
With the Mass Via Filling technology we have become market leader in Europe due to the superior quality of the Mass products and engineering team working alongside with our own engineers in order to achieve maximum customer satisfaction.

Learn more about:

  • Vertical Vacuum Hole Filling
  • Horizontal Hole Filling
  • Grinding-Planarizing
  • Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Paste Recycling
  • Manual Filling Squeegee

All information subject to change without notice!