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Model: VD 248


Function: The pcb runs in automatically and is centered. The grippers of the loading arm take the pcb on its upper edge (6 mm). The pcb is hold by the grippers. The loading arm moves upwards to hang the pcb into the clamps of the dryer. Whilst hanging, the pcb passes the drying process consisting of 4 heating zones and a separate cooling zone. On the outfeed the second loading arm moves upwards to take the pcbs off the clamps and put them on the outfeed belt.

Technical data

  • No. of heating circuits: 4
  • Capacity: 248 pcbs
  • 2.5 – 3 pcbs per min., depends on the requested hold-on-time
  • Pcb size: min. 300 x 350mm - max. 610 x 610mm
  • Pcb thickness: min. 0.3mm - max. 4.2mm
  • Heating length: 7,2m
  • Cooling length: 1,2m
  • Connection load: 112kW
  • Continuous load: 62kW
  • Dimensions: (L) 12.04m x (H) 2.55m x (W) 2m
  • Incl. in- and outfeed: 13.54m
  • Painting: RAL 7035 light- gray
  • Frame: IC 198 blue


   Tack drying  Thermal cure
 Ramp up  12 min.  15 min.
 Hold on  25 min.  60 min. (approx. 150 pcbs/hour
 Cool down  12 min.  15 min.

The dryer has four heating zones. When leaving the heating zones the temperature on the pcb is about 150°C (thermal cure) After leaving the temperature goes down. The pcb is being supplied with hot air to prevent condensation. The pcb passes the cooling zone. The temperature on the pcb is slowly run down such as to make the pcb leaving the dryer at about 30°C.


  • No subject to the pcb size
  • Special clamp for thin pcb material 0.1-2.4 mm
  • Excellent temperature distribution on pcb
  • No condensation
  • Visualization of process on pc
  • Temperature control of each zone on both sides
  • No buckling or distortions
  • Extendable at any time

Options / Alternatives

  • Double-track drying allows pcbs to be dried side by side
  • Shuttle dryer – with additional infeed for screen printing pcbs


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