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Model: IR 16KW


Drying of pcbs after coating. Pcbs are dried quickly and uniformly by IR radiation. The IR radiators are above the transport level. The IR radiating face can be swung upwards. So the radiators are easily accessible. The hoods are provided with heat insulation, allowing hardly any heat radiation to the exterior. Pcb's lie on flat or V-shaped belts.

One drying unit is equipped with 2 heating circuits normally and is 3 m long, type IR/16KW. The dryer can be extended on request at any time. An extension of 1.5 m means + one heating circuit. The heating circuits can be controlled separately. The temperature applied depends on the ink characteristics and on the wanted speed. Generally the temperature is about 90-110°C as average. For further process pcbs have to be cooled down to approx. 30°C. This will be done in an additional cooling unit.



  • Variable transport belt shape
  • Heating circuits separately controlled
  • Modules suitable for individual use
  • Modular design

Technical data

  • Basic frame: Tubular steel
  • Panelling: Steel sheets, powder coated, light grey, Acc. RAL 7035
  • Transport belts: teflon coated fabrics, open mesh, temperature resistant up to 260°C
  • Transport width: 700mm
  • Transport speed: 0 – 3.5m/min.
  • Connection load: 16KW
  • Cover: 2 hoods with 1 extraction pipe each
  • Exterior dimensions: 3,000mm (l) x 1000mm (b) x 1,350mm (h)
  • Working height: 900 ± 50mm
  • Weight: 470 kg

Options / Alternatives

  • TR 350: Compact dryer, incl. evaporation and cooling
  • HET 90-120: Multi-level-dryer


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