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TC Tabletop Cleaner
The TC cleaner offers the same high efficiency cleaning found in all the other SDI tacky roller cleaners. With a cleaning width of 305mm (12"), the TC is an economical answer for small parts cleaning. Despite it's affordable price, the TC is designed for industrial applications and is constructed of aluminum. The TC features SafeStart which places all of the machine functions into one single lever. Antistatic and a tiltable stand are available as options.



  • Cleans loose dry particles from flat substratesTC
  • No scratching or abrasion
  • Safestart puts all machine controls in one simple lever action
  • Very small footprint
  • Industrial quality build
  • Optional anti-static at exit prevents reattraction of airborne particles

 Options consist of

  • Active Anti-Static Control
  • The TC can be fitted with a 7kV corona
    discharge static elimination to prevent reattraction
    of airborne contaminants after the cleaning process
  • Tilt stand
    The Tilt Stand (pictured) allows the TC to operate at an angle,
    allowing the cleaned substrates to exit the machine using gravity.

TC tilted

 Machine Working Widths

  • 305mm (12")

General Connection

  • 230VAC - 110VAC

Available Adhesive Roll Types

  • AR continuous feed per box of 4 rolls
  • AR sheeted feed per box of 4 rolls
  • AR continuous Silicone Free (SMC) per box of 4 rolls

All information subject to change without notice!