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Double Configured Cleaner

The QD2 offers increased cleaning efficiency of the IL4 by doubling the number of polymer cleaning rollers and adhesive rollers. QD2 utilize our cartridge system for fast and easy maintenance of the polymer cleaning rollers. As a result, maintenance of the tacky polymer cleaning rolls can be performed without removing the machine from the process line. This unique feature provides our customers with minimal down time for scheduled maintenance. In addition, the QD2 incorporates a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) which enables custom programming, very precise control adjustments, and interfacing capabilities with other machines. Also available in a "Basic module" with only speed control and directional switch.

QD 2


  • Double Sided Panel & Sheet Cleaner
  • Forward or reverse Modes
  • 4 roller cartridge system
  • Anti-Static Bars
  • PLC controls with high level of adjustability
  • Side access adhesive rolls
  • Pneumatic controls for adhesive roll engagement
  • Adjustable Standard
  • Multiple tack levels for polymer rollers

Options consist of

  • IL4+ Package including:
    - Delay contact for Mylar covered panels – ideal for resist panels
    - Multi Mode, including auto-reverse
    - Touchscreen Interface
    - Panel Counter with alarm
    - Password protected settings
  • Silicone-free cleaning system (SMC)
  • Thin Film Options for substrates >25μm

Conveyor options

  • Choice between Idle, Driven or Banded Rollers for Front and Rear Conveyors
  • Available sizes:
    - 203.2mm (8")
    - 508mm (20")
    - 660.4mm (26")
    - 762mm (30")

Machine Working Widths

  • 610mm (24")
  • 762mm (30")

Available Adhesive Roll Types

  • AR continuous feed per box of 4 rolls
  • AR sheeted feed per box of 4 rolls
  • AR continuous Silicone Free (SMC) per box of 4 rolls

All information subject to change without notice!