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Phoenix PT+

High-End Large Area Mask Automatic Opical Inspection

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Phoenix PT+ is specially designed for high-end & high-technology Large Area Masks (LAM) and artwork inspection. It offers unparalleled detection ability on LAM down to 12.5 μm line/space width technology.

Phoenix PT+ incorporates advanced technology innovations to ensure the level of detection that these fine masks require at this critical production stage.

Since masks are used with transmissive light, CIMS's Phoenix PT+ inspection system implements the same light path to ensure a reliable inspection.

Brand new, tailor-made optic components and broadband CCD camera further enhance all aspects of image acquisition, resulting in improved inspection of low-contrast & shiny materials at high throughput

 Product Highlights

  • Suitable for both glass masks and artworks
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Compatible with wide range of frames
  • Transmissive light path based illumination
  • Dynamic tracking of glass mask deflection
  • Flexible resolutions
  • Powered by Spark

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