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Phoenix PT

Large Area Mask Automatic Opical Inspection

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Phoenix PT is specially designed for main-stream Large Area Masks (LAM) and artwork inspection. It offers unparalleled detection ability on LAM with down to 25 μm line/space width technology.

The Phoenix PT incorporates advanced technology innovations to guarantee the level of detection that these fine masks require at this critical production stage.

Since masks are used with transmissive light, CIMS’s Phoenix PT inspection system implements the same light path to ensure a reliable inspection.

Brand new, tailor-made optic components and broadband CCD camera further enhance all aspects of image acquisition, resulting in improved inspection of low-contrast & shiny materials at high throughput

Suitable for both glass masks and artworks

 Product Highlights

  • Ergonomically designed
  • Compatible with wide range of frames
  • Transmissive light path based illumination
  • Dynamic tracking of glass mask deflection
  • Flexible resolutions
  • Powered by Spark

 microlight spark










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