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Phoenix Maxima

IC Substrate Automatic Opical Inspection

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Phoenix Maxima is CIMS's flagship model for IC Substrate market, the minimum line/space width that this system can scan is 10 µm. Phoenix Maxima has consistently been the best performing AOI at IC Substrate manufacturers, allowing CIMS to become the preferred AOI supplier in this market.

The system's new optical technology Prisma™ has been specifically designed for high resolution image aquisition which uses patented flexible light coverage combined with customizable detection requirements.

Equipped with the state-of-the-art image acquisition and advanced software capabilities, the Phoenix product family has proven exceptional detection combined with a well- balanced, non-critical defects rate.

Phoenix Maxima is powered by Spark™ - an innovative cross-platform detection engine.

 Product Highlights

  • New linear motors for smooth & silent motion
  • Robust structure
  • Automated vacuum table
  • Prisma  illumination
  • 64 bit based firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle high density PCB
  • Compatible with all types of R2R automation
  • Simple and quick setting for new jobs

Optional Features

  • +2DM - panel dimension stability
  • +2CD - critical dimension
  • +3DH - height & depth measurements
  • FI - final inspection CRS / PX - offline reference station

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