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Dragon HDI-PXL

Camtek's 3G Large Panel Automatic Optical Inspection System


Dragon HDI/PXL is designed to scan large panels of up to 1067x762mm (30x42"). It is equipped with Microlight™ illumination block and Spark™ detection engine. This system is a perfect choice for large panel makers due to its superior detectability and extremely low fales calls rate.

The system's new optical technology Microlight™ provides flexible light coverage by combining superior image with customizable detection requirements.

Dragon HDI/PXL is powered by Spark™ - an innovative cross-platform detection engine.

Product Highlights

  • Accommodates panels of up to 1067x762mm (30x42")
  • Robust structure
  • Valve-based vacuum table
  • Microlight illumination
  • 64 bit based firmware
  • Powerful processors to handle high density PCB
  • Ready for automation
  • Simple and quick setting for new jobs

Spark 2015 Microlight 2015


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